3525 US Highway 34, Oswego, IL 60543

Volunteer Opportunities

With the occupation of our new location, we have expanded space and will have more volunteer opportunities opening up as we add new programming and services.

We are seeking volunteer individuals who are interested in sharing a hobby or craft instruction in-person as we open up our new location and work our way through the Pandemic.  Virtual classes are also an option.

If you are age 60+, consider registering with the national RSVP program which helps track all senior volunteer time throughout the nation and also provides a small stipend for mileage to you. We can provide more information about RSVPs in our Area.

Also looking for qualified Education Volunteers like retired teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, college students or any qualified individuals to volunteer to teach Psychology, Math, Science, Anatomy, Astronomy  Language, Literature, Philosophy and more! We can help you develop a once a month, quarterly, or 4-8-week Zoom or in-person class to share your knowledge and help others continue to learn. Please call us to discuss, we are open to opportunities!

Call 630-554-5602 for more information. Or email volunteer@oswegoseniorcenter.org

Apply online to Volunteer

Prefer to print the form and drop it off at the center?  Download here.