3525 US Highway 34, Oswego, IL 60543

Tai Ji Quan Class II (must have completed 24-week Course)

Tuesday & Thursday: 9:45-10:30

Class II is for all participants completing the 24 weekly sessions. This Class will continue to help improve participant’s stability, awareness and mindfulness of body positioning in space, functional walking, movement symmetry and coordination, range of motion, muscle strength and cognitive function. $3 Suggested Donation. Call 630-554-5602 or let Jen know you are joining. (A new beginning Tai Ji Quan class is planned for early spring)

  • Tai Ji Quan Class II
  • Starting Thursday, January 18th
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 9:45am
  • Class II is for participants that completed the beginning 24-week course
  • Continue to improve stability, awareness, and mindfulness of body positioning.
  • $3 Suggested Donation per in-person Class.
  • TJQMBB Trained Instructor:  Jennifer Weiskircher
  • Call 630-554-5602 to join the class
  • Use this link to join on Zoom https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83639822948

Pre-recorded sessions for use while Jennifer is gone, January 30th through February 15th.

Session 1 https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/idYig_yJZrFyosX0ctNDkUPXvIk1YCiUGD32oeB_HlW_xzF6AOtTQVY10LbxhWFa.b0N6vmPKa-XA40YZ

Session 2  https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/50Vtk4PCLBjQEaxLgHwF8yoIahQTdtqXG0Ao_1buyI4nOC-7HPOLVAE0Zt1DBfWs.w9ewCyhtPJq8nH3J

Session 3 https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/1_rQ0_7YDyXgOP3h58SRr52eKqJiZdqbLYfbJ7AdbqjBSIVy3efKQETgcttTwLrl.aFeVwvsDj2Hf30kV