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Medicare Counseling

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SHIP: Senior Health Insurance Program Medicare Counseling

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Free Medicare counseling to help you identify plans and deal with issues regarding Medicare and all its parts.  Our SHIP Counselor Penny is available to help you by appointment only.
For the Safety  of our Seniors we have halted on-site activities.           Please call for 630-554-5602 to schedule a phone appointment.

 Whether you are new to Medicare or not, Medicare and Social Security can be confusing. Oswego Senior Center’s certified SHIP counselors can help you navigate Medicare, Medicare Advantage and other benefit programs.

SHIP at IL Department on Aging: info on supplement plans, IL Part D, navigating Medicare.gov, and more: https://www.illinois.gov/aging/ship/Pages/default.aspx

Medicare: Remember October 15-December 7 is the Open Enrollment Period for Part D (Drugs) Plans each year.  Every year Medicare recipients should check to see if their Part D Plan is the best plan for them.  Each year plans change, people often save money by switching plans that better cover their medications: www.medicare.gov

What is SHIP and SHIP Counselors

Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is a free statewide health insurance counseling service for Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers. The State Health Insurance Assistance Programs provide local, in-depth, and objective insurance counseling and assistance.    SHIP is not affiliated with any insurance company.     SHIP counselors do not sell or solicit any type of insurance.

SHIP counselors are trained to:

* Educate consumers and answer questions about Medicare, Medicare Supplement,  Medicare HMOs, private fee-for-service and other health insurance.

* Organize and assist in filing Medicare and Medicare Supplement claims; Analyze Supplement policies.

The SHIP program’s in-person help can prove essential for understanding the complexities of  Medicare and making good choices. For others, SHIP education helped them save on their health care costs. Here are additional thoughts that might be troubling you:

*  Considering making coverage changes during Medicare’s Open Enrollment?  SHIP counselor can provide one-on-one assistance with reviewing health or prescription drug plan options.

Worried about the out-of-pocket costs associated with Medicare? SHIP counselor can help you find out about eligible assistance programs.

Unsure about Medicare’s eligibility criteria? SHIP counselor can help you understand guidelines.

*  Wondering what Medicare does and doesn’t   cover? SHIP counselors have  answers.

Confused about who pays first, Medicare or  another insurance? A SHIP counselor can explain how Medicare works with supplemental policies,  retiree coverage, Medicaid, and other Insurers.

*  Uncertain of your rights under Medicare? SHIP Counselors can provide assistance.

Medicare Savings Program:

There are three levels of help through the Medicare Savings Program administered through Medicaid, Illinois Department of Health and Human Services.     Apply here: https://abe.illinois.gov  or go to the Department of Health and Human Services Local Office (DHS): 361 Old Indian Trail, Aurora; 630-844-7400

Full Medicaid:

Full Medicaid (AABD) is available for people age 65 and older. Sometimes if individuals are over the income limits, they are put on a Spenddown program, which is like a deductible that they have to meet monthly before Medicaid kicks in.

Apply here: https://abe.illinois.gov or go to DHS Local Office: 361 Old Indian Trail, Aurora; 630-844-7400

Social Security: Apply online for Social Security Retirement and Medicare, Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security, Extra Help for Medicare Part D: https://www.ssa.gov/

Local Social Security Office
325 N Lake St.
Aurora, IL 60506

Extra Help (Prescription Drugs):

Extra Help, also known as Low Income Subsidy (LIS), through Social Security is a benefit program that helps Medicare Beneficiaries with prescription drug plan premiums, co-pays and annual deductibles.  To qualify: Your resources must be limited to $14,790 as an individual or $29,520 for a married couple living together. Resources include such things as bank accounts, stocks, and bonds. We do not count your home, car, or any life insurance policy as resources; and your annual income must be limited to $19,140 for an individual or $25,860 for a married couple living together. Apply online here: https://www.ssa.gov/medicare/prescriptionhelp/

Social Security Local Office: 1325 N Lake St, Aurora; 1-800-772-1213

Medicaid: Apply online for SNAP, Medicare Savings, full Medicaid, cash assistance: www.hfs.illinois.gov

Illinois Department of Human Services- Public Aid

DHS Family Community Resource Center in Cook County – Kane/Aurora (Kendall)

Family Community Resource Center
361 West Old Indian Trail
Aurora, IL 60506

Phone: (630) 844-7400
TTY: (866) 323-0616
Fax: (630) 844-7499

Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday (except state holidays)