Oswego Senior Center’s Executive Director, Sandy Pastore, MSW hosts conversations with various seniors that attend the Oswego Senior Center and discusses various topics of interest to the senior population.

Elder Law Podcast

Rick Law, senior legal advisor at Law Elder Law Estate Planning discusses legal challenges seniors face.


 Police Podcast
Podcast #2

Jim Pikowski and Alex Leiter are interviewed on the changes in vocational training that the US has experienced, and how that impacts young people today.

Podcast #3

Deputy Wayne Dial is interviewed about the changing aging population and the specific needs and challenges that Kendall County is meeting for this group. The Do Not Call list is discussed, as well as telemarketing scams.

 Podcast #4

Gary Tollaksen, OSC’s resident computer expert, is interviewed.

Podcast #5

Frances Verde is interviewed

 Podcast #6

Dick Mettel, OSC’s Senior Health Insurance Program volunteer counselor, is interviewed.

Senior Housing Options

Jen Pugh from A Place for Mom discusses senior housing options.